Wild in Wellington

Introducing Chris, Kris & Andy: three of life’s adventurers! We threw our lot in together back in the early 90s and (we think) have created something wonderful. We are busy boys who are seeking abundance and everything amazing the Universe has to offer.

Chris Pugsley: Born in the ’50s and now in his sixties, Chris is indefatigable: he loves to talk with guests and find out all about their fascinating lives! Chris spent his career as an environmental ecologist exploring deep caves for fun. He now travels around the European continent every northern summer visiting friends and soaking up the ambiance. He believes in putting back into community by volunteering and doing good things!

Kris Ericksen: Born a few hours into the first day of the decade that was the glittering 1960s, Kris is the gentle giant of Danish descent. Age shall not deter him! When not paragliding on the Kapiti coast and being brave while skiing and snowboarding, he invents beautiful objects for submission to the next WOW (World of Wearable Art) event in Wellington. Kris is a patron of the Arts, supports new talent and gives good hugs!

Andy Maloney: Born in the ’60s and now in his fifties, Andy is a Yorkshireman of very high regard. A veterinarian surgeon by day, Andy brings a love of green and living things to this enterprise. Visibly tattooed and with an actual qualification in South American shamanism, Andy reaches for the goodies on life’s high shelves. When not in his high-alpine garden or tending the Koromiko homestay beehive, Andy can be heard playing the didgeridoo from the Moon Room. Andy can cook for 15 friends, if you ask him nicely…

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Roger Walker, Modernist Architect, designs Sotiri House

Chris & Kris first stumbled upon this Modernist gem high in the hills overlooking Wellington’s central village back in ’92. They looked up from their damp flat far below in the valley and thought ‘Oh wow!’ What they saw was a bizarre collection of architectural shapes they would come to find out was a Roger Walker original, known in the industry as Sotiri House. Our intrepid house hunters were led all the way up Mount Pleasant Rd that day by the dream of their future house drenched in all-day winter sun…

Sotiri House was designed in 1969 by Roger Neville Walker, ONZM (Order of New Zealand Merit), one of New Zealand’s most prominent architects of the era. Still practicing today, and now in his seventies, Roger continues to delight with his playful take on Modernist design principles. Like his compatriot, Ian Athfield, Roger is now famous for his many iconic building projects which – literally – erupt from the hillsides, craggy cliffs and gullies of Wellington’s landscape. Chris, Kris & Andy have since maintained a warm and evolving relationship with Roger, whose enigmatic style of architecture can be seen dotted all over Wellington.

We live on a steep hillside – the front door of the house is 40 steps uphill from the street below. If you have personal mobility problems you may wish to seek alternative accommodation.