How to find us

We welcome your advance bookings by email but anything 24 hours before your intended time of arrival is fine! Once we have your ETA (expected time of arrival) we can fill the kettle and plump the cushions in good time. Your mobile phone number would be useful to have to coordinate your arrival and help us provide you with any directions or extra help you may need.

Walking up to our house from Koromiko Rd
When arriving after dark, be assured that there are path lights to help you navigate your way up the 40 steps from the footpath to our front door. Look for the green and purple letterbox (with a finial) and the number 11 on it!

Arriving by private car
An invigorating experience!

Arriving by Uber/ taxi
Will whizz you up the hill from town at any time. Huzzah!

Arriving by bus
Our local Highbury number 25 bus runs seven days a week, including early mornings and late into the night. We know the driver. Hi Tim!

Arriving on foot
Reach us in less than an hour of walking from either the city centre or Wellington Railway station.

Arriving by helicopter
You will find the helicopter pad on the rooftop deck, sir…

Arriving by Astral Projection
Just glide on up, baby…

You can email us at:

We live on a steep hillside – the front door of the house is 40 steps uphill from the street below. If you have personal mobility problems you may wish to seek alternative accommodation.